Friday, April 22, 2016


Teenagers in modern times have possess a lot of dream brimming with great and sublime.
Is not it desperately desire fill up ourselves' lifestyle in every moment by the period when rummaging these type of dream.

Busy not delegate as plenitude. Substantial not delegate as efficient.

Started my university's life recently, but its always feel like shortage of something in the law of life.

But recently will consider that when its still not yet begun the bustling life in university,may need to resolve everything that appear in immediate transaction perfectly.

Probable has having a habit in secondary school‘s full of lessons and extracurricular activities lifestyle.

My class in university just like the United Nation,there are many students came from different country and group of age. This may let me experience a new environment have new friends and a new type of  rhythm to get together.

It is interesting! 

Because can keep on fumble in how to intercourse with different kind of people with different country, different race and different religion.

Sometimes the scene will be awkward, but sometimes is funny too.
When having conversation with friends from others country, then we need to be popularity.
Maybe some day can grasp the rhythm in the conversation between people from others country. 

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